Special needs require special attention. IBG Activated Carbon is your ideal partner for activated carbons for specialized application segments. The fine tooth detailed attention given in developing products under this range has grabbed the attention of industrial manufacturing segments including cigarettes, cabin air filters, and fertilizer industries.

Through our strong R&D muscle we have developed products for specific adsorption requirements of the nuclear applications, medicinal and pharmaceuticals and the automotive industries. Our superior product development capabilities also ensure tailor-made particle size distributions, adsorption and breakthrough characteristics, carbon lattice and surface modifications coupled with superior purity and hardness. At IBG we are geared to review your operation systems and customize specialty series carbons to support your exact requirement.


IBG Specialty series activated carbon includes a multitude of products for the chemical processing industry mostly focusing on the fertilizer, organic acids and inorganic chemicals manufacturing. We offer purification solutions for different stages in the manufacturing process from raw materials, through intermediates to the end products.

Cigarette smoke contains a number of compounds identified as irritants and possibly toxic chemicals to living systems. These compounds though not effectively filtered by standard filters are successfully and selectively trapped by activated carbons. IBG offers a premium range of coconut shell based activated carbons specially processed with optimal adsorption characteristics for cigarette filters. Our activated carbons products greatly increase the retention of a wide range of vapor phase, semi volatile as well as low molecular weight contaminants in cigarette smoke including aldehydes, cyanides, ketones, hydrocarbons and pyridine among many others.

The tailor made particle size distributions of these products ensures high kinetics, whilst the low dust and fine particle content prevents the contamination and discoloration of filters, and prevents contaminant leakages. The consistent product quality, performance and the accredited manufacturing process has made IBG activated carbons for cigarette filters globally sorted by all major markets including Japan, Asia, North and South America and Europe.

Activated carbon is used in an array of applications related to the automotive industry. Identifying this niche application segment IBG has developed a number of bespoke activated carbon products especially targeting Evaporative Loss Control Devices (ELCD), cabin air filters and Adsorbed Natural Gas (ANG). Our products for ELCD applications are of superior carbon lattice structure allowing unparalleled adsorption capabilities and high gasoline working capacities. These products are highly sorted after by modern automobile manufacturers for emission regulations.

IBG carbons effectively battle the air purification challenges in vehicle interiors providing purified air to the occupants through our high butane and toluene capacity carbons for cabin air filters. We also offer carbons with high volumetric methane holding capacity for adsorbed natural gas storage (ANG) applications.

IBG activated carbon product portfolio extends to the nuclear industry as well. We supply a range of products for a diverse range of applications in this industry customizable as per your exact requirement and certification standards. Our products for nuclear applications including radioactive iodine and methyl iodine removal as well as usage in nuclear delay beds, are precision manufactured to have unparalleled quality, consistent performance and proven safety record. The carefully engineered pore structure and surface chemistries of these activated carbons facilitates outstanding adsorption capabilities offering a comprehensive purification and adsorption solution.

IBG produces a wide range of activated carbons for catalyst markets. The range comprises of standard high activity coconut shell based granular grades, and acid washed grades that have enhanced catalytic carrier properties.

Our catalyst support product range is primarily used in the production of fine chemicals and PVC, emulsification of oils in the plasticizer industry, and oil refineries to name a few. IBG tailor-made activated carbon products for catalyst carriers are of ultra-high purity, low attrition, and ideal particle size distributions for catalyst dispersion over the carbon surface and engineered surface characteristics that optimize performance. These products are customizable to suit your exact requirement and process conditions.