ICarb S - Series

Grades (US Mesh)   PAC M80 , PAC M100 ,PAC M200 ,PAC M240, PAC M270 ,PAC M300 ,PAC M325 ,


Powdered Activated Carbon is commonly used to adsorb natural organic
compounds, taste and odor compounds, and synthetic organic chemicals
in drinking water treatment.

Powdered Activated Carbon or pulverized activated carbons are small activated carbon particles, with a size that is predominantly less than 0.075mm.

Iodine and molasses numbers are typically used to characterize PAC. These numbers describe the quantity of small and large pore volumes in a sample of PAC.

ICarb S – Series Powdered Activated Carbon is ideally suitable for water purification purposes. Based on the area of application the base material is selected and then processed to the specific usage.