Urban and Industrial growth of many countries across the world has made purified air, a primary and growing need. IBG activated carbon Air series offers a range to standard, impregnated and specialized activated carbon guiding a path to clean environment.

IBG activated carbon series has been developed with micro porous structure to remove the odors, hazardous chemicals, volatile organic compound from air and gas streams.


Almost all industrial processes release toxic fumes and hazardous gases which need to be captured and removed. IBG offers a range of activated carbon products specially manufactured for the treatment of flue gases, removal of Mercury vapor and treatment of other industrial waste gases in order to meet stringent environmental regulations and other control parameters.  Emissions from incinerator systems (primarily Dioxins, Furans and volatile Mercury) if left untreated, pose a serious threat to public health.

IBG offer products with better surface modification for the removal of contaminants in purifying the exhaust air streams.

The petrochemical industry is composed of many applications that require activated carbon as an adsorbate. IBG activated carbon products with its high adsorption capacity stands excellent in the removal of odor, color and other contaminants such as mercury, recovery or removal of sulphur from oil.