The current increase in the usage of electricity as a primary source of energy has created exceeding application of batteries and energy storage devices, particularly capacitors. A revolutionary device in this trend is the electrical double-layer capacitor (EDLC) or ultracapacitor/ supercapacitor found in a diverse array of electronic equipment from daily usage laptops, hybrid and electric vehicles to windmills. IBG is one of the leading suppliers to this industry with our IBG Activated Carbon Energy series; a special carbon series manufactured for both ultracapacitors and battery applications.

The extensive pore network of these specialized products gives a very high specific surface area contributing to high double-layer capacity for EDLC products. The consistent particle size distribution coupled with high purity and guaranteed low internal resistance (ESR) ensures high efficiency, electrode stability and longer life with little degradation over hundreds of charge cycles and across a range of voltage levels and temperatures. IBG Activated Carbon Energy series is not only futuristic in terms of superior technology developed by in-house scientists but also environmentally friendly and contributes to battery and supercapacitor performance levels exceeding expectations.